Residential Solar Power Contractor

Install Solar Power in your residence!

Save money and protect the environment by installing solar power in your home.

By installing solar panels at your home, you’ll be able to cut down on the amount of energy you need to purchase from your power provider. This will not only save you money but will reduce your environmental impact and carbon footprint. We are a local, Michigan based company that wants to spread the benefits of residential solar power. Our licensed contractors install residential solar power systems all around eastern Michigan and would love to help you and your family enjoy the benefits.

Benefits of Residential Solar Power:

It’s no secret that Michigan does not receive as much sunshine as other states, this does not mean that solar power is not useful here! Even if you don’t produce all your home’s energy from your solar power system, you’ll still cut down on the amount of energy you need from a power plant.

With solar energy becoming more popular it will become an asset to you when you’re selling your house in the future. Solar panels on homes are becoming more desirable and having them already installed on your home can increase its value. Our panels are long lasting, so you’ll be able to enjoy the cost saving benefits as well as the resale benefits of the system.

With the installation of a solar power system you will become eligible for a tax rebate! The Solar Investment Tax Credit allows you to claim up to reclaim 26% of your installation and purchase costs as a federal tax credit!

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