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Sun Circuit Solar

Sun Circuit Solar is a local Michigan company that is committed to providing you the best quality solar system installed at a price that rivals any competitor.

Our professional staff and licensed contractors will guide you through every step. From design to POWER ON! Including all permits and your connection to your power company, your experience will be like no other.

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We provide solar panel installation and maintenance all around St. Clair County and Southeastern Michigan!

Our Solar panel installers take pride in providing a service that saves both energy and money for customers all around Michigan. Whether you want to run your entire home from solar or you want to run a barn or boathouse on solar panels, we can help you get a reliable and affordable system in place.

The Port Huron area and St. Clair County are one of the many areas in Southeastern Michigan that stand to benefit from modern solar panels. Even though we do not receive as much direct sunlight as other areas of the country, our homes still stand to benefit from installing solar panels to reduce energy costs. There are many more benefits of solar panels besides simply saving energy though, such as increasing your homes resale value or decreasing your carbon footprint on the world. With a growing market for solar energy all around the state of Michigan, energy for residential homes and offices will become more and more desirable. That is why the installers and contractors at Sun Circuit Solar work hard to provide energy saving solutions to our customers around Michigan.

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